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G+FLAS Life Sciences, Inc.
G+FLAS is a biotech startup company established in 2014
based on 'genome editing' technology of Dr. Sunghwa Choe of Seoul National University.

G+FLAS’ headquarters is located in the Nakseongdae R & D Center near the Seoul National University and has a branch in Osong Hi-Tech Composite Medical Complex, Chungbuk. Moreover, G+FLAS has an affiliate corporation in the Purdue Research Park of the Purdue University, Indiana, USA.
G+FLAS is a technology-intensive global biotech startup company that develops genome editing application products with a total of 30 full-time researchers including 10 PhD scientists on site
Our mission and business model (or vision) is that "We can saves people's lives by producing biobetters for cancer immunotherapy using an efficient and more precise gene editing technology."

In 2012, we saw infinite possibilities with the CRISPR gene editing technology, which has been a revolutionary technology that mankind has never experienced before.
However, this gene editing technology still have a plenty of room for further improvement. The CRISPR does not always cut the target precisely, and as a result we canot ignore the off-target effects that cut the unintended locations. Before the development of an application of the technology, we are focusing on developing the CRISPR technology that can cut the targets more efficiently with a reduced amount of off-target effects. In the past two years, G+FLAS has developed 'CRISPR-PLUS ™' technology which has more than doubled the performance of the existing CRISPR technology on the market. In addition, we have also filed for the IP which quenches all further CRISPR activities to prevent unintended editing in the particular time.

We are also developing products using CRISPR-PLUS ™ technology for applications.
By way of example, we are developing biosimilars (biobetters) using our non-GMO method of plant genome editing technology.
We developed a glycoengineered humanized plant in which glycosylation-related genes were selectively removed from the plants using the CRISPR-PLUS ™ technology. Then, based on this transgenic plant, we are developing immunotherapeutic anticancer biobetter drugs such as Trastuzumab.

G+FLAS Life Sciences, Inc. was selected as a TIPS company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) of South Korea government in 2016 and secured 4.2 billion KRW ($3.7 million USD) Series A funds from domestic institutional investors such as KDB Bank in 2017.
In the first half of 2018, we successfully secured Series B funding. Soon, another successful Series C funding securement was accomplished in the following year.
With these funds, we will accelerate many promising projects such as CRISPR-based immunotherapeutic anticancer drug development, global open innovation, application for clinical trials of plant-based biobetters (IND), and pilot research and production facilities at the Osong Hi-Tech Composite Medical Complex in Chungbuk.

G+FLAS Life Sciences, Inc. is well position and will strive to do our best to research and develop biopharmaceuticals using nature-friendly plants to treat all kinds of human diseases. We greatly appreciate your supports and participation in the global new drug development challenge for saving people’s lives around the world.